translation into English of parables
Orthodox parables and stories with moral


1. Trinity

           A man traveling on a simple country road, the companionship of a priest. Speaking of them to one another, and man has shown a puzzle:
           - Cuvioasa parent can not understand how the Trinity is three persons forming one. How the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three persons, united, inseparable, but not mix with one another?
           - My son, he patiently answered the priest, and things are most of our sinful thinking. But what you say is not so hard to get it. Look, for example, the sun! Say that the sphere of fire, that there dăinuieşte centuries, is the Father. Then, say that the light comes to us from the sun is the Son, Jesus Christ, what has come to light and life to get rid of sin. Then, heat, everything that comes from the sun to warm us, to say the Holy Spirit, Who, with love, always warm our frozen souls of mischief. You see, my son, sun light and heat are not of one and the same thing, however, the three are different when we talk about each? And so the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one and the same God that we Christians, we worship.

           Man, like all other things and life is created by God in his love forever. But man is a creature and its wisdom or powers, nor can they be compared with those of God. But people proud păcătuiesc dared to believe that nothing is above them all and that, sooner or later, they are accessible. Man believer knows, however, that no mind and no power, but they can love them all.

"My hope is the Father,
My son is salvation,
Acoperământul my Spirit.
Holy Trinity, glory You! "
Saint Ioanichie

2. The four peaches

          Once, a peasant wanted to try him on his four sons. Take the morning he called and gave each a peach. He then left the field, leaving him to see the things and to share the day as they think fit. Tonight, however, when he returned, he called all four in achievement and asked the most:
           - Tell me what you did with the peach you?
           - What to do, tătucă, I ate it and thank you. It was very good. I took then bottom, I planted behind the house, I trust and wet place to grow up a rich and beautiful peach.
           - I did, boy fathers, I am sure you can get a good husband. But you, I called the second, what did you do with peach you?
           - I ate it. It was so good, ripe and early ...
           - And then?
           - Well, I threw bottom and I went to my mother to ask a few more that were very good.
           - My son, then called the man with sadness in the voice, careful not to get greedy man that "more than greedy lazy and lose more runs. But you did like peach, it was good? - Asked the peasant and the third son of his.
           - I do not know.
           - How do not know, yeah 'Why did you do with it?
           - I sold it. I went with her fair and I gave a ten money. There they are!
           - Son, you sure can get a great merchant, but take care that not all sales are in life, especially not what you received from parents.
           Finally, the peasant asked the last guy, the smallest of all.
           - But you you liked peach?
           - No I do not know, tătucă.
           - How, and you sell it?
           - No, Dad. I went to visit my friend across the street who is ill, and I took her to. Enjoyed much to her and thanked me a lot.

           With tears in eyes, father and baby took the knee and said:
           - I do not know what you do you in life, but know that whatever path you follow, you'll be a good Christian and that's all that matters.

"Let the children come to Me!"
Sacred Scripture

3. God's house

           In a winter evening, a young family sat around the table. The father was sad and worried about the press, and his mother crying, having face and hands. That their little girl, surprised by this situation, approaching slowly and asked:
           - Mom, why complain?
           - My daughter, days are heavy, you have money to live and I sold this beautiful house. Tomorrow will have to move into a house much smaller. Therefore cry because it is hard to get out of this wonderful place we lived in peace all these years, and to move into a house and poor vai her ...
           - But, Mom, and God does not live in that house poor that we move?

           Surprised by the faith of the child and told the truth, parents understand that in life, weights and trouble shoot any human soul, but faith and hope must never be forgotten, because only with them inside the thorny road of life is stăbătut easier.

Like master throw gold smelter in and let him
to sift and purify by fire until he sees that glitters,
so let God and human souls to be investigated for trouble
until clean and clear. Therefore, this research
God is a great boon for the soul. "
Saint John Chrysostom

4. Heaven, earth and the world

           In a day, a man simply known to clean his life, was asked by a neighbor:
           - How can you do it always so happy? Never saw you upset.
           - Very easy - one answer. Every morning when I wake up, look first heaven. So I remember the God of mercy and kindness. Then concerning the earth. So I remember death and Doomsday. Finally, look around my world that wakes up each morning to life. So I remember my fellow, and those suffering from disease or disability, for those who have a life worse than mine and that I could help. In this way good for what they are and what you can do.

           Goodness izvora love always brings peace and contentment, in which the soul receives with gratitude, and that gives the soul with love.

"Who is the best good to be
and who overcame temptation to pray for one who is still temptations. "
Father Paisie Olaru

Fourth mag

           there is an old story, which says, in fact, were four Magi who wanted to worship the Savior, the birth was. The fourth and sold everything we had and the money obtained, took three stones expensive: a sapphire, a ruby and a pearl, which lead to them but the Savior. Hurry to get in is Babylon, where we expect the three Magi, he met a man hit the road, which does not help anyone. At the poor man went to a doctor that gave safir to care for sick till it will heal completely. However they have delayed. When he arrived at the meeting, Magic plecaseră already without him, but not discouraged, but he continued the path alone, guided by the star that it was going to Bethleem. Arrived here, found that L-magic already found innocent, that Herod's soldiers killing children and infants that the Holy Family went to Egypt, to guard the king's wrath. Even before it, a soldier and try to snatch a young woman to kill her child. The woman desperately defend their baby. Tickle has shown ruthless soldier ruby and said:
           - Put the baby to live and I will give this jewel. Nobody will find us fair.
           Lure of pearl, the soldier took the stone îndepărtându being rushed. Young woman has thanked foreign tears of joy and gratitude.
           It was decided to look beyond the Savior. Now, have but a single, pearl. She left him to Egypt, where, for years, looking at Jesus, but without any result. After 30 years, found that somewhere in Palestine, propovăduieşte Savior Gospel. Happy that, finally, know where I could find was rushed to Judea. Arrived in Jerusalem, in the evening, he learned that Jesus Christ is crucified on the hill Capatanii. Was rushed to soothe that place with a desire to see the Savior in my life, I go to the gift that you kept for so long. But by the last two were soldiers who led the Romans in slavery a young Jew. Stopping them, tickle them said:
           - If I pass out girl, you give this gem. You can sell and split the money. You will earn much more open towards leaving.
           Greedy soldiers took the pearl, releasing it on the young, who, crying of happiness, did not know how to thank them alien. But flatter, asking the sky to see even a minute on the Savior, hasten to Golgotha. Now, you have nothing. I was ashamed to worship the Emperor kingdom but no. But when he reached the Cross Savior He looked straight at him and said:
           - Finally, you came. You brought me the most beautiful gifts ...
           - Okay, but I do not have anything, what I brought you? - Asked surprised flatter.
           - All of you went out to those helpless. Giving them their, I have given. Your gift has come to me and I say that it is most important because, one who loves God loves his people.

           Who needs the other does not seek to be helpful with what may, will not find satisfaction and joy will find true life. As you approach more people, so you are closer to God.

"You want the good of our brothers and salvation to all
people more than ours. "
Saint Theodore Studitul

In many parts is tempted Christian?

After the testimony of St. Meletie Marturisitonul, Christian is tempted by the devil in eight parts, namely:

    1. From above us when we were tempted to silim virtues nevointe and beyond our own. I mean post until exhaustion, extent of the trouble over the body, watching the whole night and other good deeds just to get those perfect.
    2. For us down the devil tempted by laziness and slackness in fact work best, thus weakening our will, reason, conscience reprimand, men and perseverance in the fight duhovniceasca.
    3. Left us temptation diavolii by bodily Patimi of all kinds, by Bill Gates, greed, avarice, anger, hatred, revenge and all sorts of mischief bodily and spiritually. Are called for so they come straight from the devil and he easily each of the races of downy.
    4. From the right by us temptation diavolii Patimi rationale and spiritually thin, hardly distinguishable and very well known and difficult to overcome, such as pride, haughtiness, opinion of himself, vain glory, osandirea others razvratirea mind, disobedience, selfishness, eresurile, sects, too much trust in the mercy of God, thought high swell, doubt, unbelief, dreams, pink elephant, witchcraft, etc.. These Patimi, with the foundation of pride that Lucifer fell in deep, are hardly familiar with and healing.
    5. Temptation in front of us and disturb us diavolii with nalucirea future, I mean we throw in worry in suspicion on others and osteneli bodily powers over to "tomorrow", as God would not wear the watch in my whole life . Those tempted by such thoughts bring fortune for old age, fag for life, the fear that they will not be what you eat and drink, avorteaza their children, saying that they will not have what I feed, arguing for wealth, are very zgarcit and lovers of money, do not be selfish and mercy.
    6. Behind us temptation diavolii with subsequent recall of sins and Passion we have resist youth, indemnandu us to do it again. As we remember diavolii people with which we sinned, in that place was wrong, because the sins we have stapanire. We remember those who have been fighting, the words that we were angry, to begin again the links, we remember the bodily sins we've done, the girls that we were crazy, the drink and other mischief in the past, will push us to fall in the same sins that hardly we deliver.
    7. Dinlauntru, namely the heart, we vrajmasii temptation unseen by those who master all suffering heart, such as mania, rautatea, appetite, revenge, impietrirea, zavistia, pride and others, says the Lord: "And what comes out of your mouth, leaving the heart and they defile the man. Because of the heart come evil thoughts, killings, desfranarile, false testimony, hulele ... "(Matthew 15, 18-19). Therefore proorocul and David prayed, saying: "The heart zideste come clean me, God, and Spirit as innoieste go inside the mine" (Psalm 50, 11).
    8. Outside our temptations and our biruiesc diavolii through the five senses, which are the windows of the soul. Especially the view through auzire and language. About ispitele that enters the heart through feelings proorocul hear Isaiah, saying: "God, death came through our windows. About eye Savior says: "This search for that woman to come to her, here, to go dancing with preacurvit heart" (Matthew 5, 28). And hear about the language apostle Jacob, saying: "For someone not greseste word is perfect man, strong and bridle and all flesh" (James 3, 2).

Here are but, as in all parts ispitelor arrows cast darkness upon us, looking to get hurt by our sins and to shoot in pierzare: We, however, are liable to tell all those bad cugetele the father and banished from us ispitele devil with prayer, with the post with humbleness, with pazirea mind and reading holy books. If, however, arrows ispitelor not away from us is a sign that roots are Passion live in our minds. It is still not a sign that we confess clean thoughts and grow in us sin. In this case it is hot need more prayer, with tears and fasting, until you put sin stapanire us.


           In a night, a child from his father asked:
           - Dad, tell me, please, how is it that some people are good and others bad. Why aren 't all the same?
           - E, my boy, you see, all men are sons of God. And as God loves all equally and we should love one another, because love of God is like the sun. We light the sun warms us and us all, good and bad together? No?
           Our hearts should be full of kindness and love. But, you see, the sins of each cloud are also not let the sun rays benefactress pass. Clouds are the sins we darkling soul. The more you sin, the soul is dark and the light of God's love you can not enter the heart.

           Human soul is the piece of sky that each gate in it. On the sky The sun should shine love - God. My son, you look for Unfortunately, as they gather and darkling your life, you are wrong and selfish. And at what store, but the soul clean, always enjoyed the love of God, of peace and happiness.

"Nothing is so natural for us to be in communion with others
needing each other and we love each other. "
St. Basil the Great

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